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Welcome to Brogden Law Firm, LLC!

Alabama Trial Attorneys, Robert (“Bob”) H. Brogden and Jason R. Brogden, Esq. are the managing owners and “father and son” law partners of the Brogden Law Firm, LLC.  Together they formed one of the most experienced, unique and well-rounded general trial law firms in South-East Alabama (situated in Ozark, Al – Dale County, Al).  Bob has been a general trial attorney since 1972 and his son Jason returned home almost 10 years ago to practice law with his father.  Brogden Law Firm, (“BLF, LLC”) Lawyers zealously and aggressively represents clients in the Defense of all Criminal Charges (non-violent, violent and white collar) throughout all municipal, state and federal courts in Alabama.  Additionally, the BLF, LLC handles all contested/uncontested civilian and military Divorces, as well as all other Family Law matters, including all Juvenile Court, Modifications, Appeals and general Civil cases.   The lawyers at the Brogden Law Firm possess well over fifty-five (55) plus (+) years of combined bench and jury trial experience!   The trial attorneys are well known for their aggressive, detailed oriented and extremely effective methods of representing clients and trying both bench and jury trial in almost all Alabama state and federal courtrooms.  The BLF, LLC also represent individuals, corporate and municipal clients in a wide variety of criminal and civil matters in Alabama, but most common practice in the “Wiregrass” area located in South-East Alabama (Dale, Geneva, Coffe, Pike, Houston, Henry, and Barbour Counties).

The trial lawyers at the Brogden Law Firm, LLC often “team up” to defend clients charged with crimes, high profile/asset divorces and those involved in complex civil jury trials.  Our General Trial Law firm has the most well-rounded team, documented history and aggressively and diligently represents all clients in a wide variety of matters.  The BLF law firm practices in many civil law areas, including but not limited to: hotly contested/uncontested and complex civilian and military (1) Divorces, (2) Modifications of ALL Domestic Orders, (3) Pure Custody Battles, (4) Paternity Adjudications, (5) Child Support calculations, (6) Visitation, (7) Spousal Support, (8) Military and civilian retirement caluculations, (9) Real estate closings, (10) Title opinions, (11) Property line disputes, general civil litigation, (12) contractual matters, (13) Wills, (14) Estates and other disputes, (15) guardianship/conservatorship, juvenile law (delinquency and dependency cases) adoptions and the original or (16) “RAW” legal drafting of agreements, (17) contracts, (18) evictions, (19) Small Claims Court, (20) foreclosures and all cases involving (21) personal injury suits and/or negligent loss of life (i.e., wrongful death) claims. (22) Bankruptcy, (23) All appeals to the Civil/Criminal Court of Appeals and to the Supreme Court of Alabama. The BLF has also handled and defends all (1) violent, non-violent and white collar criminal charges, including but not limited to all (2) drug charges (from possession to trafficking), (3) theft, (4) fraud, (5) embezzlement, (6) assault, (7) domestic violence, (8) murder, (9) manslaughter, (10) criminal negligent homicide, (11) vehicular homicide, (12) self defense matters and all (13) DUIS.  The attorneys are licensed to practice in all Alabama Federal court(s) where they handle both criminal defense and civil matters, including Bankruptcy cases (Chapter 7 and 13).  The Brogden Law Firm Firm, LLC handles all types of Criminal and civil appeals, including appeals to the Civil and Criminal court of Appeals as well as to the Supreme Court of the state of Alabama.  All three (3) Attorneys at the BLF, LLC are specially trained and”registered” Mediators who are registered on the Alabama state court Mediation Roster for general Civil mediation, Domestic relations (“DR”) and Domestic Violence (“DV”) mediations.

If you would like to schedule a  confidential consultation with any one of the attorneys, please call (334) 774-5171, or send an e-mail to [email protected] with your inquiry.  Please be advised the support staff is prohibited from quoting fees/retainers for any reason, especially over the phone.  All prospective clients should meet/speak with an attorney in person (or in special circumstances over a pre-planned telephone consult) so they can review the facts of the case and quote an appropriate retainer.  Please remember each case is very different thereby requiring different fees to be paid up front so that there is not a standard retainer fee.   The entire legal team at the Brogden Law Firm, LLC consistently monitors our email for new and continued correspondence so that our attorneys may send or respond as quickly as possible.  Prospective clients may quickly e-mail our firm using the “sidebar” e-mail box located the immediate right side of this homepage, or you may contact us and find more information by clicking the ‘Contact Us” tab located at the top right of this page.

Legal Specialties

The Brogden Law Firm, LLC is regarded as one of the premier trial law firms in South East Alabama especially in two (2) main areas.  First, the firm maintains a vast array of experience in all types of (1) the Defense of all CRIMINAL charges and secondly, in all (2) DOMESTIC/FAMILY LAW/DIVORCE/MODIFICATIONS (civil cases).  The firm handles cases most commonly in seven (7) counties; Dale, Geneva, Coffee, Pike, Houston, Henry and Barbour counties.  Bob and Jason Brogden are well known a “father and son legal team” in the: Defense of serious criminal charges, especially self-defense cases involving high-profile and complex charges which may require experts and lengthy jury trials.  Also they are well known for handled a vast array of Uncontested and contested military and civilian divorces and/or other family/domestic relations (“DR”) cases.  The Firm is especially well versed involving the complexities of spouses having lengthy military retirement calculation(s), high asset or profile divorces, accurate child support orders, visitation, modification of final judgments, appeals and division of personal and large-scale business assets.

* Disclaimer: NO representation is being made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers. 

Notable and Recent Jury Trial/Appellate News:

January/February, 2018STATE v. GISSENDANNER (CLASS B and C FELONIES REDUCED TO A MISDEMEANOR) The Client was charged with 3 serious felonies, Robbery 1st (a class A felony carrying a penalty of 10 years to LIFE in prison) , Kidnapping 2nd (A class B felony carrying a penalty of not less than 2 years and up to 20 years in prison) and Assault 2nd (A class C felony with a max of 10 years in prison).  Accordingly, if convicted the BLF client was facing serious prison time, but after vigorous defense and negotiation with the DA, the BLF was able to negotiate for ALL three (3) felonies to be dismissed in exchange for the client to plead to one misdemeanor (assault 3rd).  The client was very happy with the outcome wherein he received a small fine, no jail time and no probation.  Link to original article after charges for 3 felonies was made –

August 2017(APPEALS – AFFIRMED) The BLF, LLC submitted two appellate briefs to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals and the first came back in Favor of the Brogden Law Firm and we currently await a ruling on the second case. * Update, BLF was successful!  A winning ruling was issued by the Civil Court of Appeals (the Judge’s ruling in favor of the BLF client was AFFIRMED!)

January – March 2017 – (STATE VS. JACKSON, JAMES HUNTER (CLASS A FELONY – MURDER CHARGE REDUCED TO A MISDEMEANOR) – BLF, LLC’s Client, Mr. James Hunter Jackson was indicted for a class A felony (MURDER – carrying a sentence of not less than 10 years and up to life in prison if convicted) but the attorneys, Jason and Bob Brogden, Esq. negotiated a plea bargain deal so that Mr. Jackson’s charges were reduced to a mere MISDEMEANOR.   Based on all the factors, including a legitimate claim of self-defense, the attorneys were able to secure this giant reduction.  At a contested sentencing hearing, Mr. Jackson was not remanded to jail/prison but placed on 12 months of heightened probation, known as community corrections.  He will remain at his home.  When initially he was indicted by the Grand Jury of Dale County for MURDER, a Class A Felony.   Link:  click here for news article regarding plea  Link2: Click here for new article regarding sentencing to community corrections instead of jail/prison

December 2016 – The Brogden Law Firm, LLC and most notably Robert H. Brogden, Esq., was retained to represent the former City Clerk for the town of Samson, Alabama on a two (2) count indictment by the Grand Jury of the 33rd judicial circuit wherein she was indicted with two (2) class A FELONIES for theft of property from the City. After a long defense effort, discovery review by our firm and negotiation with the District Attorney, Mr. Brogden was able to secure a very favorable “deal” wherein ALL the felony charges were dismissed and the former court clerk simply plead out to a mere misdemeanor in order to get the case behind her.  The client received a suspended sentence, 2 years of unsupervised probation, no fine or cost was instituted and never spent a day in jail!  Another happy client and successful outcome for BLF, LLC.

November 2016 (ASSAULT FELONY REDUCED TO MERE YOUTHFUL OFFENDER MISDEMEANOR) – The Brogden Law Firm represented a local Man, “Z.G.”, who indicted by a grand jury for Assault in the second degree (a Class C Felony) in Coffee County Circuit Court stemming from an alleged shooting wherein the victim was allegedly shot twice by our client.  Jason R. Brogden and Josh Holcomb handled this matter together where they filed a motion for “Pre-trial Immunity” and conducted a hearing on self-defense, which is a newly enacted mechanism in our self-defense statute which allows for such a pre-trial hearings before Defendants have to go through a lengthy jury trial.  Our client asserted he was defending his person, was in imminent fear of his life and his girlfriend at the time. After a conducted lengthy and very productive immunity hearing before Circuit Judge, the Hon. Judge Thomas Head, the District Attorney’s office contacted Mr. Brogden the very next day and offered to reduce the felony  charge to a mere MISDEMEANOR (Assault 3rd) and grant the young man “YO” or  Youthful offender status (so the file was sealed) with no fine, no court cost, no probation and a short suspended sentence so that he never spent more than an hour in jail when he was indicted and booked in and bonded right out.  We believe the client was very satisfied with the outcome and the long hours our firm worked on his case, weekends included.

December, 2014 (FELONIES DISMISSED!)- A Local Doctor has retained the attorneys of the Brogden Law Firm, LLC to defend 3 counts of sexual abuse levied against him by the District Attorney’s office of the 33rd judicial circuit.  The Doctor/client has maintained his innocence since day 1,  as there is absolutely no forensic or DNA evidence involved in this matter.  The client and the attorneys at the BLF, LLC eagerly forward to their day in court.  GENEVA COUNTY UPDATE – 2016 ALL INDICTMENTS LEVIED AGAINST THE BELOW DOCTOR HAVE BEEN DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE!  The BLF successfully vindicated their client, the Geneva Doctor, of ALL charges and he is still practicing medicine (and never stopped as the DEA nor the hospitals believed the allegations).  Another successful case for the Brogden Law Firm, LLC and its’ attorneys!

September, 2014  (FELONIES REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR!) The Brogden Law Firm has been retained to defend a Geneva County, Al Man charged with “Possessing Weapons Of Mass Destruction”.  The client maintains his innocence and looks forward to his day in trial as we believe the true evidence will reveal itself.  UPDATE – *** 2016 UPDATE ALL CHARGES HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO A SIMPLE MISDEMEANOR CHARGE WHEREIN THE BLF, LLC CLIENT PAID A SMALL FINE, WAS NOT ORDERED TO SPEND ONE DAY IN JAIL/PRISON AND HE HAS GONE ON WITH HIS LIFE AFTER THE ABI/FBI CLAIMED HE POSSESSED “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”, WHICH TURNED OUT TO BE A MISDEMEANOR CASE.

August 20th, 2014 – The trial attorneys at the Brogden Law Firm, LLC have been retained to represent and defend at trial a local citizen who has been accused of stealing thousands of dollars from her former employer, a local dentist. See below for the most recent news article from the Dothan Eagle. The Brogden Law Firm’s client has and continues to maintain her innocence. She is presumed innocent and will vigorously fight the charges levied against her. UPDATE: ALL CHARGES REDUCED, MERE PROBATION REQUIRED.

OCTOBER 2011 – STATE v. WINDHAM (MANSLAUGHTER CHARGES DISMISSED!)  Mr. Brogden’s client was INDICTED FOR MANSLAUGHTER and was ACQUITTED! The Circuit Court of Geneva County, Alabama Kenneth W. Quattlebaum grants Jason R. Brogden, Esq.’s oral “motion for a judgment of acquittal” (i.e., Directed Verdict) after two full (2) days of testimony and evidence during the ‘Wes Windham manslaughter trial’.   Meaning, Jason argued and subsequently convinced the trial Judge to simply dismiss ALL charges due to lack of evidence AFTER two (2) days of testimony and evidence was put before the jury the Prosecutors! Jason R. Brogden’s client, Wes Windham, found NOT GUILTY of manslaughter indictment and NOT GUILTY of the lesser included offense of criminally negligent homicide. Another prime example of Jason R. Brogden and Robert H. Brogden, Esq. defending those charged with a violent crime, but during or after the trial their clients have been found to have reasonably defended themselves in self-defense!

SEPTEMBER 2011 STATE v. COOK (NOT GUILTY OF MURDER – SO SAYS THE JURY!)   Jason R. Brogden, Esq. and Robert H. Brogden, Esq. successfully defended a 4 1.5 day jury trial where their client was charged with MURDER, Joshua Cook.  September 16, 2010). Mr. Brogden’s client faced a class A felony conviction carrying the possibility of LIFE in prison, but was acquitted (NOT GUILTY) by a jury of 12 of his peers after 4 1/2 days of grueling testimony, cross-examination and evidence presented in the Circuit Court of Dale County, Alabama.  Mr. Cook was charged with wrongfully discharging his firearm in the front yard of his home killing another man, but as he and his Attorneys consistently contended he acted in self-defense of himself  and his 3 year old son. Evidence revealed the alleged victim drove to his home, was highly intoxicates and aggressively approached Mr. Cook as he attempted to take his son out of his car seat, and threatened the client with physical harm. The Dale County Jury found that Mr. Cook acted in self-defense and was justified in using deadly physical force to defend himself.  NOT GUILTY!

*** DISCLAIMER:  These recoveries/results as stated above and testimonials are not an indication of future results in all cases handled by our law firm. Every criminal and civil case is different, and regardless of what friends, family, or other individuals may say about what a case is worth or the outcome of a civil or criminal matter, each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they apply to the law. The valuation of a case depends on the facts, the alleged injuries, the jurisdiction, the venue, the witnesses, the parties, and the testimony, among other factors.

Furthermore, NO representation is being made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

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