Practice Areas

  • The Brogden Law Firm, LLC represents individual, municipal and corporate clients in almost ALL AREAS of the Law throughout the state of Alabama for more than five (5) decades; including but not limited to the following criminal and civil matters:
  • Domestic Relations and Family Law Matters & Mediation
    Contested and Uncontested Divorces, including lengthy and complex military and civilian divorces alike, high asset or profile divorces, Pure “out of wedlock” child custody disputes, Equitable Division of Assets and Debts in any civil dissolution or marriage, Visitation, Retirement, Establishment of Paternity, Calculation and recalculation of Child Support, All Juvenile matters and the Modifications of all of all Final Domestic Relations Judgments or other Orders.
  • Criminal Defense and Local “Of counsel” Bench and Jury Consultants.
    Defense of ALL Felonies & Misdemeanors – Municipal, State or Federal Charges.
    01) ALL DRUG CHARGES; including but not limited to a) Possession, b) Distribution, c) Manufacturing, and, d) Trafficking of ALL illegal/Rx drugs or contraband (methamphetamine, amphetamine, steroids, prescription pills, ‘research chemicals’, cocaine, crack, XTC, LSD, heroin, spice, morphine, moonshine, fentanyl, etc…),
    02) Driving Under the Influence (DUI defense, including repeat offenders),
    03) Defense of ALL White Collar Crimes (Fraud, Embezzlement, Theft, Money Laundering)
    04) Attempted Murder (Capital and Felony),
    05) Murder,
    06) Manslaughter,
    07) Criminally Negligent Homicide,
    08) Vehicular Homicide,
    09) Sex Crimes,
    10) Elder Abuse,
    11) Robbery,
    12) Burglary,
    13) Assault,
    14) Battery,
    15) Fraud,
    16) Receipt of Stolen Property,
    17) Theft,
    18) Domestic Violence,
    19) Harassment, Harassing Communications
    20) Menacing,
    21) Trespassing, and
    22) Criminal Negligence/Mischief.
  • Real Estate, Probate, and Original (“Raw”) Legal Drafting
    ALL contractual matters, original legal drafting; including ‘raw’ creation of Purchase Agreements, Stipulations, Sales Agreements, Lease or Rental Contracts, Covenant not-to-compete agreements, Negotiation and Sale of Personal or Large Business Asset Agreements, Evictions/Unlawful detainer actions, Loan Closings, Title Opinions, Title Insurance, Deed work, Contested Boundary Line Disputes, Adverse Possession Claims, Drafting of Complex Wills, Will “contests” Estates, Trusts, Contested and Uncontested Guardianships,  Conservatorships, Adoptions and Involuntary Commitments.
  • BankruptcyPersonal Chapter 7 and 13
  • Personal Injury and “Tort” Cases 
    Representing Clients in ALL Wrongful Death, Negligence, Auto Accidents, Slip, and Fall, & general Medical Malpractice litigation.
  • General Civil Litigation Matters – Insurance Defense, Collections, Municipal Law, Small Claims Court, District Civil Court, Health Care Law, Banking Law, Certain Small Claims Matters, Open Account Collections.
  • Mediation – Attorney Jason R. Brogden and Robert H. Brogden are Registered Mediators on the Alabama State Court of mediation roster for all general civil matters, domestic relations (“DR”) and domestic violence (“DV”) mediations   They both completed over 7 days, or 58 hours, of specific training so that he could become a registered mediator on the roster.

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